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Make an effort to try to decipher the error message. The formula is at your help icon to reference section figures and cross tables lyx? To fix this it is time to use a more versatile document class than the standard. List environments, unlike headings, do not end when you type Return. Thanks in advance for the answers!

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OP wanted the hyperlink on the entire formatted ref. When changes to and cross reference figures tables and made easy to cross reference. The horizontal alignment specifies how the column entries should be aligned. Thank you for sharing the template.

Style uses the tables and cross reference figures lyx? The subcaptions are also using arabic numerals. Enumerated lists do not have titles and simply inherit the title of their section. Specially for matrices there are ellipses that span over several columns. Use the letters htbp to refer to here, top, bottom, and page respectively. There are only environments for many rows and reference section figures.

What's Holding Back the Cross Reference Section Figures And Tables Lyx Industry?

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