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Arquivo 138541628146.jpg - (90,24KB , 641x1029 , 138480598748.jpg )
910 No. 910 ID: a92cc0
How to add a Quick Reply window to all posts like Xchan?
The stardard version of Kusaba X doesn't have this feature...
Thank you.
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>> No. 911 ID: e70825 quickreply
It's just HTML and JavaScript, you can see everything used to implement this feature on the page's source.
>> No. 912 ID: a92cc0 quickreply
Thank you! The thing is that I'm noob at programming, could you tell me the steps I should follow to do it? Which codes should I add to Kusaba X pages and/or templates?

I know I may be requesting too much, but I think this may be interesting for others, too. Thankyou!
>> No. 913 ID: e70825 quickreply
>The thing is that I'm noob at programming
In these conditions it will be hard even with instructions.

I've to download the backup for my local machine to see what I've edited exactly to tell you, it will take some time.
>> No. 914 ID: a92cc0 quickreply
I mean I don't know programming, but I have some experience adding mods and modifying some Kusaba X features. If you can tell the steps (more or less) I will be able to do it.
Thanks again!
>> No. 917 ID: a92cc0 quickreply
Any news?
>> No. 925 ID: 6b62f7 quickreply
>> No. 937 ID: 27f354 quickreply
admin is le dead

rip pärs
>> No. 941 ID: 261204 quickreply
lol. Hope he returns soon and tell us about the quick reply window feature.
I'm asking for it on the official Kusabax support board too: http://kusabax.cultnet.net/sup/res/60266.html
Lots of chans have this feature, strange that no one is able to explain how to add it ;_;
>> No. 942 ID: 87fb45 quickreply
If you server run Windowns try to delete system32.
If Linux try sudo rm -rf*
>> No. 943 ID: d4078a quickreply
>> No. 947 ID: 1f1977 quickreply
Bump for the interest.
>> No. 963 ID: 712c5c quickreply
Bump for this.
>> No. 976 ID: dd591e quickreply
>> No. 985 ID: 7aee7d quickreply
>> No. 992 ID: b5ba94 quickreply
One month and a half has passed. You need more time? I will give you more time.
>> No. 993 ID: b5ba94 quickreply
One month and a half has passed. You need more time? I will give you more time.
>> No. 996 ID: 9d4213 quickreply
Arquivo 138927669990.jpg - (53.27KB , 600x600 , jiglypuff.jpg )
Click on the blue square with a white baloon inside and VOILA, there it is.
>> No. 998 ID: b845fc quickreply
OP means how to modify Kusaba X to add the "quick reply window" feature in all posts.
It doesn't look difficult to do, but I don't know Javascript.
>> No. 1012 ID: 951f80 quickreply
>> No. 1021 ID: fe4fb0 quickreply

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